We are all members of the BLOC8 team, those that are protected by the scheme, those that recommend the scheme to their loved ones and individuals that have worked tirelessly to push the initiative forward. BLOC8 considers the ICON Foundation to be part of the team as without the ICON blockchain BLOC8 protection would not be possible. Other blockchain’s like Ethereum Classic were considered but ICON was chosen based on cost and a 2 second block time.

The BLOC8 project has benefited tremendously from the effort of other ICON community members. BLOC8 uses Python, Flask, Javascript and PHP to keep our members safe. There are some excellent online tutorials prepared by ICON and community members, without which BLOC8 would still be in the “starting blocks”.

BLOC8 Joint Founder Ruben

BLOC8 founder and team leader Ruben Luijken

Like most of us today I have social media channels spread across the internet. I can also be found on the business to business social media platform LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me there if you have any questions that are not directly related to BLOC8.

I have had a keen interest in all aspects of blockchain technology for a number of years. BLOC8 was created as a real world solution to a problem that affects a huge number of vulnerable individuals around the world. At some point during our lifetime almost everyone has a period where they are vulnerable. For some groups in our society that vulnerability can last a lifetime. My hope is that the BLOC8 initiative can help in some small way.

Am I the infamous Satoshi_Nakamoto? Do you think BLOC8 would be requesting donations and support if I was? My knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology improves by the day but without him / her / them BLOC8 just wouldn’t be possible. If you are interested in joining the BLOC8 team please send me your details via our contact form.

We also have individuals on the BLOC8 team who feel they need to remain anonymous for 2 reasons. Security and personal safety. One of our team was watching the surreal YouTube live broadcast when Ian Balina was hacked for $2 million. Revealing your precise location and flaunting your wealth is not recommended for blockchain evangelists. We respect anyone’s right to anonymity and that extends to members of our team.