1. “Can anyone use BLOC8 to notify police authorities and family that they have disappeared or do you have to be a blockchain expert (computer geek)?”

The system is designed for all 7 billion people currently alive today, plus future generations. You don’t require any blockchain knowledge to use BLOC8 but you might learn a bit about this powerful technology along the way.

2. “Why were 10 billion BLOC8 tokens created?”

 The answer, in part, is covered by Q1 but each token has 18 decimal places, unlike the fiat $, £ and € that has just 2. Even 1 token (1.000000000000000000) would technically be enough for trillions of people to be protected by the BLOC8 system. As long as an individual has access to a fraction of a token the blockchain network will protect them.

3. “Will BLOC8 really keep me safe and help catch serial killers?”

When a person disappears time is of the essence and the sooner your family and police authorities know that you are missing the more chance you have of being found alive and well. With the Cyprus serial killer, he would almost certainly not have killed at least 7 people if the unfortunate victims had been using the BLOC8 protection.

4. “Isn’t blockchain technology all about wild price swings for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum?”

No Bitcoin and Ethereum are just part of the blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain is being put to use across many sectors including healthcare, product authenticity, banking, voting, real estate, and education.

5. “Couldn’t traditional social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp be used in place of BLOC8?”

No, because they don’t use a distributed network and are open to abuse by employees of the social media platform. If Mark Zuckerberg decides he doesn’t like your Facebook post or YouTube are offended by a video you upload, they can be removed.

6. “Will there be a cost to use the system?”

The direct blockchain network cost is currently around 4 cents per user per annum. We are actively looking for support from sponsors and early BLOC8 users will not have to contribute towards the running costs.

7. “Could a serial killer disrupt BLOC8 and continue their killing spree?”

No, there is no central network for the serial killer to hack as we use a distributed network of computers with blockchain (immutable and validated) technology.

8. “What does the team get for running this protection scheme?”

We get great satisfaction from using the latest technology to notify police authorities as soon as a person has gone missing. Evidence like mobile phone location, social media activity, DNA and video surveillance is much more useful in the days after a person disappears than it is months or even years later.

9. “How does BLOC8 operate and what are the associated costs?”

The nominal blockchain costs are covered in Q6 but some elements of the BLOC8 system are currently external to the blockchain, like this website and the teams day to day expenses. BLOC8 has received an indication of support from a business operating in the Far East and we are actively seeking out additional partners. The intention is that it will be a zero cost system for BLOC8 users. Once a person has gone missing it is too late to make use of the BLOC8 protection and urge everyone to sign up today.

10. “What do I need to do to join the BLOC8 initiative?” 

You will need to load some software on your smartphone or add an extension to the Chrome browser if you are using a PC. Install the ICONex wallet as detailed here or the Trust wallet to obtain an ICON blockchain address. The address on the ICON network begins with the letters hx. A blockchain address is similar to an email address but much more powerful. Once you have your blockchain address please complete the sign-up form.

11. “For the browser based SCORE you request a private key, is this safe?” 

BLOC8 only provides the browser based SCORE for individuals that can’t use Chrome desktop or have Android smartphones before version 5.0. Private keys should not normally be sent via a web form and BLOC8 recommends using a smartphone CDAC (Cryptographic Digital Asset Controller, more commonly referred to a wallet).

12. “How many BLOC8 tokens will we receive when we sign up and how long will they keep us protected for?” 

BLOC8 will send out 2 free BLOC8 tokens to each user and these should protect you for around 400 years, or 100 years if you share the tokens with 3 friends or family members. In addition to the free BLOC8 tokens you will also receive a proportion of an ICX token. ICX tokens are used on the ICON blockchain to allow you to send the BLOC8 tokens from one blockchain address to another.

13. “If we live to the age of 400 will BLOC8 continue to send out free ICX tokens?” 

Individually the cost of a portion of an ICX token is trivial but if 7 billion people adopt the scheme then the numbers scale up to a significant sum. Cost for the global population is about $300 million per year. See also the answer to Q6.