If you wish to show your support for the BLOC8 initiative please donate cryptocurrencies to any of the following blockchain addresses. As we are using the ICON blockchain ICX tokens are preferable but we are very grateful for any tokens.

ICX  hx34ff1b9e6c8c297c34708fd55870be1fb21d80b3

BTC  bc1q2zc9x72gnxfufpxk5z24apw6s6zaeks2txqjpw

ZIL  zil1wx52hyrlt0g4rrlgnv4fx2seya5gv3tel6vymq

LTC  ltc1qe8xpdygqj5sywr9qg9yeu3m8l6twccemrff2qf

ETH  0x97894811bc9ed17aC78861527A8f86Cf9F07f3f0

ETC  0xA412E5b6F8E469846e9128CD6440291aCd4C3e05

BNB  bnb1cr2adawg5dnm7f4j94pgy4txrvnwx9chdnqr0s

DOGE DLnVy5Y4iuMpCaKtS1hC6UECuyKc6nba96

If your browser supports Chrome extensions, like Kiwi on Android smartphones, you can try the Moonlet wallet which allows you to send cryptocurrencies to a domain name. If you want to donate ETH or ZIL (more to follow soon) enter bloc8app.zil in the Moonlet wallet.

BLOC8 also has the following .zil censorship resistant domains available for supporters of our initiative. In addition to being censorship resistant you can simply quote your domain name and suitable digital wallets will route funds to your various cryptocurrency addresses.

  • BestBlockchain.zil
  • CryptoNewsArticles.zil
  • GoLondon.zil
  • GoNewYork.zil
  • GoParis.zil
  • GoCyprus.zil
  • TopPorn.zil
  • Vote-Now.zil

CryptoNewsArticles.zil is also available with the purchase of our sister website BuyCryptoNewsArticles.com and any offers will be considered from genuine buyers. If you wish to purchase your own censorship resistant domain name they are available from Unstoppable Domains.

To receive a shout out on our Twitter feed for your donation or if you are interested in one of the domain names above please send us a short message via our Contact page. In the crypto ecosystem we also fully understand if you wish to remain anonymous. There are many other ways to support BLOC8 if you are not able to make a direct transfer of tokens at this time.

  • Promote the BLOC8 website by clicking the social media links at the bottom of each page. We have all the most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Line, and WeChat etc.
  • Donate other resources such as marketing materials, web hosting or your time as a developer.
  • We welcome links from your blogs and other websites.
  • Editorial pieces, both online and offline, by journalists.
  • YouTube promotion and other video networks

BLOC8 now accepts support in old school fiat currencies so drop us a line if you want to pay via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. If you are not personally able to support BLOC8 at this time you might know someone that can. It could be a friend, a family member or a local business.

That is enough of the begging and we urge you to sign up with BLOC8 if you haven’t already done so.