You are now officially registered with the BLOC8 protection system. As an early adopter you are now protected for the next 12 months at no cost to yourself.

Please check the blockchain address that you submitted with your registration details. You should notice 2 transfers from BLOC8 to your blockchain address:

  • 2 BLOC8 tokens
  • 0.1 ICX tokens

Depending which Cryptographic Digital Asset Controller, CDAC (wallet), you are using you may need to add the BLOC8 blockchain SCORE address for the BLOC8 tokens to be visible in your CDAC.

The BLOC8 SCORE is cxbdda1241313c0113f8ebf4b974239b145558513a and can be viewed on the ICON blockchain with the following URL: If you have not yet received the tokens from BLOC8 please use the BLOC8 Contact form and be sure to include your email and blockchain addresses.

How BLOC8 Protection Works

Once a week you need to send 0.0001 BLOC8 tokens to the BLOC8 blockchain address. The official address for BLOC8 is: hxa8b1084bc4458e7fdce5d0908bae76643ba5bb7d and many CDAC’s allow you to set up the address to be used over and over again. Sending the BLOC8 tokens on a weekly basis is a very important feature of the BLOC8 protection system and you are advised to set up a weekly reminder on your smartphone. Until BLOC8 has received 3 consecutive weekly token transfers you will not be eligible for BLOC8 protection.

BLOC8 operates a yellow, orange and red alert system which is used to notify the police authorities about your disappearance. BLOC8 only provides details of how the alerts work to official police authorities. This is to ensure that potential kidnappers and murderers do not try to cover their tracks by circumventing the alert system.

You are reminded that your CDAC password must not be given to anyone under any circumstances. Even if you have a gun at your head or a knife at your throat do not divulge your password. BLOC8 tokens have no monetary value and by giving a kidnapper or murderer access to your BLOC8 tokens it will make it far more difficult for the police to locate you.

BLOC8 recommends using a CDAC on an Android (5.0+) or iPhone smartphone to send the BLOC8 tokens each week. Alternatively use the Chrome browser extension and our BLOC8 transfer URL. Google has not released the Chrome extension for smartphones but it does work with a number of mobile browsers. As shown in the screenshots below BLOC8 was able to transfer BLOC8 tokens on the ICON network with an ancient Samsung S4 (Android 4.0).

Send BLOC8 tokens from Android 4.x devices with ICONex Chrome extension
BLOC8 token transfer confirmed from Android 4.x devices with ICONex Chrome extension

For individuals that can’t use the Chrome browser extension or don’t have a suitable smartphone you can use the BLOC8 browser SCORE to send the 0.0001 BLOC8 tokens each week. As it requires your private key this should be considered as the least desirable option. It does however mean you can send tokens from an internet cafĂ© or a friend’s computer.

If you have any questions at any time regarding your BLOC8 protection please complete the contact form. Now that you are registered we recommend that you ask your friends and family to do likewise.