The image above shows 10 billion BLOC8 tokens on the ICON blockchain. BLOC8 tokens are used as a monitoring system in case a BLOC8 token holder suddenly disappears. Please read why BLOC8 was formed and the reasons for the content required in the sign-up form. It also provides details of how we are using Blockchain and the Smart Contract on Reliable Environment (SCORE) provided by the ICON Foundation.

BLOC8 Quick Start Guide

If you are familiar with the BLOC8 initiative of helping vulnerable members of our society (which means everyone at some point in their life) and you have a working knowledge of blockchain technology the process is:

  • Ensure you have an ICON blockchain address
  • Complete the application form to receive free ICX and BLOC8 tokens
  • Follow the procedure in the email you received from BLOC8
  • You are now BLOC8 protected

New to BLOC8 or Blockchain

Although vulnerable members of our society are more likely to go missing it can happen to anyone. Just think how your loved ones will feel if you simply disappear. We urge everyone to submit their details to BLOC8.

ICONex blockchain wallet to use with Bloc8

BLOC8 System

You will need an address on the ICON blockchain and you can get this by installing the ICONex digital wallet app on your smartphone. It’s available for Android, iOS and as a Chrome browser extension. Digital wallets are covered in our Q&A along with further details of how BLOC8 operates. We recommend installing the ICONex wallet on your smartphone but you can follow the video below if you want to install it as a Chrome browser extension.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of blockchain technology to be protected with BLOC8. The BLOC8 system is designed to be used by anyone that has access to a smartphone or a PC. If you have used any of the social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube you are more than capable of using BLOC8.

Check through the questions and answers if you are still not sure what this initiative is and why it’s needed. You can also send us any questions you might have before you register with BLOC8. Once you have your ICON address, prefixed with the letters hx, you are ready to join the BLOC8 network.